BVR works with local governments and private developers to assess and evaluate infrastructure needs

Our innovative community partnerships model provides opportunities for municipalities, military installations and other stakeholders to share commodity and hard structure resources through public/public and public/private energy, water and wastewater, and communication utility systems, resulting in reduced utility costs and increased system efficiencies, security and sustainability.


BVR provides industry-leading skills and expertise in consultative, management and execution of integrated infrastructure programs with federal, state and local governments. For complex developments, we bring an integrated systems solutions approach. This is particularly applicable to large-scale mixed-use development where many or all of our areas of expertise can be leveraged to solve clients’ needs.


BVR has developed a Community Partnerships model, a program between local communities and utilities adjacent to military installations, where personnel, equipment and commodity resources can conveniently be shared in support of public works and public safety functions. The model can immediately benefit the military and local communities and utilities by reducing costs and creating value through better utilization of resources, increasing reliability, security and readiness. The model applies to a broad range of installation support functions, including road maintenance, landscaping, planning and inspection services, power generation and distribution, water and wastewater and communication systems.


BVR’s principals and associates have years of experience developing, designing, constructing financing and operating energy projects for renewable energy firms, municipal utilities and the Department of Defense. With ongoing, longstanding relationships with some of the best firms in their respective industries, and core competencies in federal contracting and military facilities, we offer a complete foundation for renewable energy projects, public or private.


BVR has experience with all aspects of project finance, construction, take out, tax incentives, tax exempt, equity and debt funding programs. We have created unique financial structures that take advantage of and optimize public private benefits. We have served as an equity partner and developer of military utility privatization and enhanced use lease projects. BVR has assembled a national team of owner/operator utility infrastructure partners and investors that have the wherewithal to carry out these long term capital intensive project investments.


The BVR team of experts is comprised of financial, international trade, research, environmental, scientist/engineering and risk advisors from several U.S. universities, international consulting firms and U.S. Economic Development Agencies. We have extensive experience with program funding from both U.S. and international agencies and specific risk management and mitigation experience in environmental, agricultural and industrial programs.


BVR’s team of experts and engineers integrates bio-fuel into client programs where it creates economic benefits and efficiencies. Our bio-fuel experience includes developing a bio-fuel back-up generator program for demand response applications.

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