Our History

Bridge View Resources, LLC (BVR) was founded by Steven Greenberg and John Melnyk in 2007 as a small business with Federal CCR status. In the 20 years prior to BVR’s formation, Steven and John were developing municipal and utility scale infrastructure programs with national and international construction based firms for power generation, environmental restoration and utility (water, wastewater and electrical) system efficiencies when they were directed by the U.S. Air Force to create a business model that could be used as a template to reconfigure, rebuild and modernize the basic utility platform at each of the Air Force bases. The task required a unique approach that required very specialized technical expertise, combined with real-time financial modeling knowledge and owner/operator (both private and public utility) experience. These skills were not commonly found in consulting firms. John and Steven reached out to a handful of nationally recognized specialists with operational and financial expertise in the utility infrastructure market and formed the BVR team. The Air Force program was a subset of a broader initiative called “Asset Management” which took inventory of all of the value assets from natural resources and facility, utility, operational assets at each base with the intent to monetize those values. The realized monetary gain would then be directed towards upgrading existing operating systems to current day standards. BVR adopted that element of the Air Force business model as the basis for all of our subsequent structured offerings for DoD clients as well as for our commercial and municipal clients.

BVR quickly grew the utility team by adding internal experts in the fields of engineering, construction, financial analysis, public works, community relations and DoD contracting. An external group of nationally recognized companies was also added to the BVR team which included Severn Trent, Cal Water, Piper Jaffrery, Teichert, Swinerton, URS and Brown & Caldwell. The skill sets and disciplines that BVR brought into this $250 M Air Force utility infrastructure project formed the basis of BVR’s utility business and high-end architect and engineering practice today. Now into our eighth year, BVR continues to partner with most of the same large national construction and private utility firms and retains an in-house team of 18 licensed architects and engineers along with other scientists, analysts and specialists.

BVR formed two operating groups, an A&E consulting practice and a water and wastewater utility subsidiary, BVRT, which develops, owns and operates water resources in Central Texas. The in-house A&E practice performs engineering services for the DoD, municipal and private sectors. Project work includes technically complex facility retrofit design, high voltage electrical system design and engineering, mechanical system design and engineering and water and wastewater system design. Those same technical specialists assist in all BVRT utility programs. The utility group assesses privatization opportunities for their purchase, ownership, upgrade, maintenance and operation of municipal scale utility systems. In the past five years, BVR has targeted the acquisition and subsequent operation of 18 DoD water and wastewater systems representing a total capital value of over $500 M in military assets. Another 50 U.S. military systems are in the pipeline. BVR project awards that are either being negotiated with DoD or are in the FAR process include Fort Sam Houston (TX), Camp Bullis (TX), Lackland AFB (TX), Randolph AFB (TX), McConnell AFB (KS), Grand Forks AFB (ND), Cavalier AFB (ND), Travis AFB (CA), and Beale AFB (CA).

Steven and John have also built a very specialized utility system internal group and business model specific to community partnerships with the DoD. Recent Defense Authorization Act (DAA) legislation enabled a military facility to engage with the public and private sector to provide utility based services and create the financial models that may provide water, wastewater and electrical utility system upgrades valued at over $100M per facility. Utilizing the same concepts that BVR introduced to the Air Force in 2007 that designed a community lead initiative to rebuild the utility infrastructure at a military base, BVR has successfully negotiated the first agreement with a community utilizing this federal contract vehicle. BVR has assisted several communities in developing their Intergovernmental Service Agreements (IGSA), operating budgets, technical and financial offerings and business plans. After having performed many utility privatization offerings over the past eight years, BVR’s specialized utility experts have created unique “early strike teams” that assess each water, wastewater and electrical grid system at a facility and with in-house technical and financial models, create an investment grade analysis and pro forma for those systems. BVR is now applying those skills on the first such DoD Community Partnership utility opportunity with the intent to apply our approach to military facilities throughout the U.S. Project opportunities may range from very straight forward business agreements between the military facility and their respective local municipality or utility or it may be as complex as forming JPA’s, mobilizing local, state and federal agencies for resources and funding, integrating utility systems for optimized operation, introducing renewable, conservation and sustainable systems, applying regional shared operations, etc. Execution of these types of complex programs requires the full range of skills and disciplines that BVR has grown internally and with our external teaming partners. It requires the financial strength of large companies and the dexterity and focus of a small company like BVR. This emerging multi-billion dollar market is well suited for BVR’s operating structure and our long standing working relationship with DoD.

In all, BVR has kept to its core business that focuses on utility operations and built its technical, financial and public works resource group into a highly specialized water, wastewater and electric systems team. We are nimble, very cost competitive, create value in the owner/operator projects that we pursue and drill-down to reasonable engineering and financial solutions very quickly. The team has worked together now for almost nine years and has gained efficiencies that most firms seldom experience. Our short and long term goals are to continue to improve and expand our resource skills internally so as to be the premier firm within our field of expertise; broaden our team member participation throughout the U.S.; and to become the firm of choice for clients who require professional services and the firm of choice for equity partners and/or clients who wish to pursue system acquisitions.