BVR provides senior level guidance and resources to the Secretary of the Air Force Installations Environment and Infrastructure Senior Staff within the Air Force Community Partnership Program. The program is designed to execute mission critical infrastructure projects on and off military facilities that are collaborative initiatives between each Air Force facility and their local surrounding community. Project types include water supply, wastewater treatment, electrical system and other backbone infrastructure capital improvements. BVR senior staff assist in defining project requirements, business case assessments, master planning, permitting and creating business/finance structures that are in part funded through municipal based investment tools.

The Deal Closure practice initiates each project from inception to execution, construction and final operation. Projects typically fall outside the standard Military Construction (MILCON) acquisition categories, utilize Community Partnerships DAA Section 331 authority and are funded through local communities (Government to government contracts). BVR supports the Secretariat of the Air Force as a Deal Closer to create the business structure and financing that enables the municipality/utility and the base to close each capital project.

Project Details