BVR was tasked to assess the entire electrical system supporting one of the largest DoD mission critical data and communication networks on the West Coast. The facility is located across 23,000 acres and includes 5 million square feet of built space. Much of the equipment and infrastructure was 50-60 years old and obsolete. The facility suffered regular power outages and the electrical systems were not suitable to support required five 9’s reliability digital operations. BVR quickly performed a system evaluation and identified several items needing immediate corrections which improved uptime by reducing outages from over 80 per annum to less than 4. BVR then prepared the electric infrastructure Master Plan in which existing equipment was inventoried, mission critical equipment requirements were identified and a solution set with criteria was engineered that satisfied current and projected needs for each of the mission operating systems on base.

The resultant Master Plan Report became the “Requirements Document” and planning tool for the entire campus.  Several of the items have been implemented or are being implemented.  When the Plan is complete the new system will meet all mission critical requirements.

Project Details