BVR performed an evaluation of all UPS systems (over 50) that were the essential backup for primary power for a 23,000 acre, 5 million sf complex of mission critical built space. The U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) 9th Civil Engineering Squadron required a “Zero Failure” operation for all its support data and communication centers and facilities. BVR executed two essential phases to complete the work: Phase 1) Identify and locate all base UPS systems; create a database to capture all systems and work performed; evaluate the installation for adequacy of supporting and reporting systems to support the UPS at the installed location; prioritize installations by risk and impact; recommend repair and/or construction to provide support systems at each location; and prepare a cost estimate to design and construct the requirements at each location. Phase 2) Provide full design and repair and/or construction for selected UPS systems and facilities. This project is ongoing in its 10th modification as additional facilities are added to the project scope.

Project Details

Date:December 2013
Client:U.S. Air Force