Clients turn to us when they need to overhaul, upgrade or modernize utility infrastructure and systems

We provide design, engineering, operations and maintenance consulting. We also provide rate design, analysis and financial modeling of capital investments and operational systems.


BVR’s Electric Utility Services group focuses on energy and electrical systems. Our expert team is made up of former directors and managers from major public and private utility companies, utility and privately owned generation, and related consulting practices. The team has experience with transmission and distribution systems, electrical substations, generation, SmartGrid applications, renewable and energy efficiency programs that meet today and tomorrow’s advanced technological and electronic requirements.


BVR’s deep energy experience includes designing sophisticated protection and control schemes for utilities with low, medium and high voltages and knowledge of closed loop systems, microgrids, multiple system integration, protective relay and controls. Our team works with electrical utility system programs, emphasizing interconnection, and helped write interconnection standards for IEEE, CEC, CPUC, MDPU, FERC and NYSPC, as well as interconnection agreements for thousands of MW of renewable and fossil generation. We have expertise in system protection and coordination, system modeling, power flow modeling, contingency analysis, and short circuit analysis for large facilities, distribution and transmission grids.


BVR’s Water Resources group is made up of former water and wastewater utility directors and managers, O&M service providers and engineers that have successfully owned, designed, operated, and maintained water and wastewater pumping, treatment, transmission, distribution and collection facilities and systems. Ideally, we view water as a closed loop system targeting 100% reuse. Our goal is to see this realized throughout the US and globally as well.

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