Bridge View Resources, LLC has been built with a dynamic and diverse team of professionals, each of whom have specialized in their chosen technical fields or areas of expertise and have achieved notable success

We pride ourselves on being creative with youthful vigor as expressed in the manner we approach projects and in how we find equitable solutions to complex and demanding project challenges

Our team is comprised of licensed engineers, architects, scientists, financial specialists, and public works experts who draw from their technical expertise and from the subject matter expertise of associates to quickly find reasonable solutions to complex system issues. They pride themselves on creating value for our clients while satisfying our client’s unique operational, economic, environmental and social requirements. Exceeding client expectations is an every moment expectation.

What Sets Us Apart

We are often asked, what sets Bridge View Resources, LLC (BVR) apart from its competition? Our clients will say it is our demonstrated ability to match resources to client needs and our can-do customer-first work ethic. Whether working on a small or large project, we operate expediently and nimbly while still utilizing very skilled staff. For small projects, we utilize our experienced core team of diverse, flexible and adaptable skills which include over 18 licensed architects and engineers. For large scale projects, we are unique in that we have an exceptional talent pool of resources and we leverage long standing partnerships. We maintain high-level working relationships with governmental, financial and educational institutions, private industry, and associated consulting, engineering and construction firms. In either case, we closely match the client’s needs with the right resources, delivering superior and cost effective results. This sets us apart from our competition; more so, it makes us an excellent resource on projects that require an expertise that is exceptional.

BVR designs facilities and infrastructure systems that are financially and operationally sustainable. We strive to and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. They include national security facilities, mission essential utilities, infrastructure, health care and high reliability private sector facilities. We create systems that increase revenues, reduce costs, and are often self-funding. BVR’s expertise and tools help to integrate renewable and recyclable applications with reductions in resource consumption, targeting net zero environmental impact.


Many of our staff have work backgrounds that have demonstrated sustainable practices for over 30 years which has become a way of life for us and a way of doing business. We believe that “Sustainability” is the capability of a facility, project, system or community to thrive economically and ecologically over the long term, typically through:

  • Increased efficiency in the use or conversion of resources (energy, water and materials)
  • Application of closed loop systems for local and regional applications
  • Use of renewable, recyclable or reclaimable resources, resulting in reduced, zero net or net positive impacts on health and environments